Got Manure?

This week on on the radio broadcast as we continued on the theme of "Tending the Garden of Your Marriage" (Click for Podcast) we considered the most foundational part of our garden and our marriage: The soil.

Often times when couples are working hard trying to cultivate a good marriage but aren't getting great results, we ask the question "How is your soil?" This is an opportunity to examine the foundation of their marriage; the core beliefs that all the well-intentioned seeds are being planted in. If the soil isn't good, the seeds don't grow. The good news is, we can change our soil!

The even better news is that great soil is made out of nasty, dead, gross things that stink. Likewise, a strong marriage grows out of soil that has been fertilized by the tough stuff, difficulties, and conflicts in our marriage. Revisiting and processing these things as a couple with Holy Spirit allows the yuck of our lives to become food for a fruitful marriage. When we don't to do this, we miss out on an opportunity to let the Lord redeem the pain in our life and make it strength to us. Part of making manure into fertilizer is talking about struggles openly as a couple. Walking these things out in the light gives us the opportunity to see things as God sees them. Remember nothing good grows in the dark.

Ignite Your Marriage: What is the manure of your marriage? Consider some of the difficulties in your life that God has turned into fruit. Talk about it as a couple and thank God for His goodness. Are there things that still "stink" in your life? As a couple, ask Holy Spirit to show you His perspective on those difficult situations and open your hearts to receive His hope for your life and marriage!

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