Tending the Garden of Your Marriage

This month at Marriage First Friday and on Hearts Igniting Radio we are focusing on "Tending The Garden of your Marriage". One day in mid-June we looked out at our own backyard garden and noticed that it was teeming with weeds and didn't have any plants in it. We had gotten too busy to turn the soil, pull the weeds, and plant the seeds that would lead to harvest.

We were reminded that marriage is that way. When our marriage isn't producing the fruit we want, it is often because we aren't tending to it. There are two basic things our garden needs to thrive:

Time: There's no way to get around it. Growing a great marriage requires time; time spent together focused on cultivating the fruit we want to have as a couple. There are many things that can take priority over our marriage, even seemingly good things, but if we want a fulfilling and fruitful marriage, we have to give it the time it needs to flourish.

Tools: We need good tools to cultivate a fruitful garden. The same is true for tending our marriage relationship. Sometimes we get great tools from attending marriage seminars, doing couples devotionals, or going to counseling, but we stop using them. Sometimes we don't think we need tools, but the best gardeners will tell you that the right tools make all the difference.

Ignite Your Marriage: How are you tending your marriage garden? What will you do as a couple to commit to give your marriage more time? Do you have good tools that you aren't using? How will you get the tools you need to cultivate growth in your marriage?

Find focused time and great tools for your marriage by joining us for a Love After Marriage Workshop, Marriage First Friday, or by listening to our weekly Heart Igniting Radio Show.