Out of Eden - You, me, and God, makes...one

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

We are continuing to look at the culture of Eden as the perfect environment for marriage to thrive. This week on Hearts Igniting Radio (podcast here) we talked about how having unhindered connection to God provides the foundation for living out amazing love.

The culture of Eden provided for perfect relationship with God and with one another, the very things that Jesus came to restore. Pursuing close relationship with God provides important dynamics in our life that support a healthy marriage relationship

Identity: We are each created as image-bearers of the living God and spending time with Him reminds us of who we are, driving away insecurity that can be destructive to our relationships.

Influence: We all know that the more we are around someone, the more their values and characteristics become part of who we are. Knowing God through prayer and His word makes us more like Him and gives Him influence in the way we think, act, and treat one another in our marriage.

While many of us see the importance of cultivating that individual intimacy with God, we sometimes miss the opportunity to experience the spiritual oneness that we can have as a couple. Marriage is first and foremost a spiritual relationship and that spiritual dynamic is an important foundation for our emotional and sexual connection as a couple. Here are some ways to strengthen your spiritual connection as a couple:

Pray together: Remember that there may be differences in the way you each relate to the Lord and come up with time-frame and setting that will work well for both of you. For us it sometimes works best to walk and pray in the evening. Remember also that praying is not just talking to God but also give time to listening to Him together.

Read and Discuss the Word: Focusing on a particular passage or topic in scripture together can be a great way to grow spiritually and allow the Holy Spirit to influence your lives. Attending a Bible Study or simply reading and discussing together at your kitchen table can give you insight into one another's hearts and help you establish shared core values for your marriage and family.

Share what the Lord has been showing you lately: Often our faith walk can be primarily an independent experience, even within marriage. While there will always be an intimacy that is exclusive to you and your God, there is great benefit to growing in vulnerability by sharing with one another some of what you are experiencing in your personal walk. Remember that this glimpses into the inner part of their heart is a privilege and be honoring in how you respond to the trials and triumphs of your spouse.

Ignite Your Marriage: Discuss as a couple one way that you would like to increase your spiritual oneness together and commit to doing that over the next month.

For more ways to experience God's divine design for your marriage, stay tuned to the future Hearts Igniting Radio broadcasts and podcasts and look for Love After Marriage Workshops near you.