Why Can't You Be More Like Me?

This week's radio program is titled Unity, Not Uniformity (click link to listen). In addition to companionship, the other primary benefit of marriage is the power that is released through our oneness. Here are a few thoughts on what oneness looks like:

Oneness is POWERFUL: Have you ever wondered by marriage is such a target for the enemy? It's because it is so powerful! It is imperative for us to learn to walk in unity in our marriage, family, and church Body in order to fulfill the mandate God has for us on the Earth.

Oneness DISPLAYS GOD'S IMAGE: Adam (man) and Eve (woman) both carried different components of God's character - seeing man and woman, side-by-side in unity, gives us the best picture of who God is.

Oneness IS NOT UNIFORMITY: God made Adam and Eve different on purpose. Our different giftings and characteristics are meant to allow us to do more together than we could ever do separately

Marital Oneness is SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SEXUAL: Each of these 3 components are equally important to our powerful unity as a couple and it's important to be intentional about cultivating connection in each of these areas.

Ignite Your Marriage: Be intentional about oneness - Here are some ways to do that:

Pray for it - Join the prayer of Jesus in John 17 "Father make them one...". Ask the Holy Spirit to help you walk out the powerful unity that God means for you to have.

Honor one another's gifts and characteristics - Begin to see the differences in the way you think, act, and feel as a gift to you. Complete an online personality assessment, strengths assessment or spiritual gifts assessment and talk about it together. Be affirming of your spouse's gifts and traits even when they are different than yours.

Cultivate your spiritual, emotional, and sexual oneness- Do a couple's devotional; attend a marriage retreat, a Love After Marriage Workshop, Marriage First Friday, or Listen weekly to our Hearts Igniting Radio podcast.