Bedtime Stories

Want to feel "closer" at bedtime? Listen to the week's podcast about how to protect passion in your marriage. Here are some ways to set yourself up for a successful sex life:

1. Go to bed at the same time. It sounds simple but many couples miss out on intimacy because they don't connect at bedtime. Choosing to make bedtime a special time of emotional and physical connection provides the opportunity for intimacy.

2. Be intentional by doing a sex challenge as a couple. You can purpose, for example, to make love 7 days in a row or 3 times a week for a month, or to cuddle every night for 30 days. A sex challenge will look differently for each couple, but we encourage you do agree on something that is more than what you're doing.

3. Make time for one another outside the bedroom so you can be ready for intimacy inside the bedroom. Schedule date nights, change your work shifts if you need to, do tasks together.

4. Have an open dialogue with one another about your sex life. Talk about what's important to you, what you want and need in the area of physical intimacy. Remember that this part of our marriage is as important as our emotional and spiritual connection.

For more on cultivating spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy in your marriage join checkout our other podcasts, attend a Love After Marriage Workshop, or contact us to talk about having us speak at your church, retreat, or small group.