Get Naked

...and they were both naked, the man and his wife, and felt no shame. Genesis 2:25

We are meant to live naked and unashamed (click for podcast) and we can cultivate this in every aspect of our marriage by creating a value for and a safe place to live with nothing hidden. Here's why that's important:

1. There's nothing as freeing as living life in openness and transparency. God intends for us to live without shame. One evidence of being shame-free is in living without hiding things from one another.

2. Truthfulness is the foundation of trust in any relationship. There is security in knowing that what we show and tell one another about ourselves is the truth.

3. Keeping things in the dark gives the enemy ground to bring shame, lies, and accusation. Bringing things into the light, where God lives, allows God to work in these circumstances.

4. Living with nothing hidden is the only way to be able to truly receive love. The basis for unconditional love is to be fully known and still fully loved - we can't experience that when we are hiding things.

Ignite Your Marriage: We would love to have you host or attend a Love After Marriage Workshop! We partner with Nothing Hidden Ministries to facilitate Love After Marriage Workshops locally and around the country. Attending a workshop will give you the tools and opportunity to practice living naked and unashamed in your marriage. Go to our event page for more information about our next workshop or contact us for information about hosting one.