Sex Without Shame

This is the first of our four-part series about God's design for sex. It's important to recognize that God created sex and when we follow His design we will get His best in every area of our life and marriage. Listen to this week's podcast: God's Design For Sex-Unashamed for ways that shame can hinder our sexual closeness and how to deal with it using this tool:

1. Ask Holy Spirit where you have dealt with shame regarding sexuality? Consider how it is hindering intimacy in marriage. (example: I have shame about the way my body looks - it makes me unwilling to be naked in front of my husband. Or I have shame about past sexual sin - it makes me feel like guilty during sexual intimacy and keeps me from fully enjoying it with my spouse.)

2. Get rid of shame by putting it under the power of what Jesus did on the cross. We use this tool the from the Love After Marriage Workshop:

a. I nail shame to the cross in the name of Jesus (and anything else that went with it)

b. I break all agreements I've made with shame, known or unknown.

c. Father God, send shame away from me.

d. God show me the truth about how you see me after you sent shame away. (sit quietly and let the Lord speak to you and show you how He sees you)

Dealing with shame in this way is a great first step towards freedom in your sexual relationship. To learn more powerful tools like this, we encourage you to join us for a Love After Marriage Workshop.