Cleaning Up Our Mess

Things get "real" on Hearts Igniting Radio as we share a real life marriage challenge we dealt with this week. In marriage we're bound to make mistakes, it's important to know how to clean up your mess. Brian shares openly about how an anger blow-up affected our relationship and he models how to reconnect through using the reconciliation tool. Click here to listen: Anger Issues - Cleaning Up Your Mess. We hope our transparency will help clean up messes in your marriage.

Steps To Reconciliation Tool - from Love After Marriage Workshop:

Respond to the following in clear concise statement and without any explanation or justification for your behavior.

1. This is what I did wrong or this is what I did that hurt you.

2.This is the pain I believe I put you through because of what I did.

(ask for feedback - Did I identify and understand the pain you went through?)

3. This is how I feel about putting you through that pain.

(ask Holy Spirit to help you connect to this if it hard for you)

4. Express your sincere desire and intention to change this behavior and not bring this pain into the relationship in the future.

5. Look at the other person and ask them: can you forgive me for this pain I have brought to you or this wrong I have done to you?

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