Full-time Ministry & Full-time Marriage

Over the years we've worked with many ministry marriages that have become disconnected, unfulfilled, and unbearably lonely. The demands of full-time ministry can make it easy to fall into the habit of ministering at the expense of your marriage, rather than out of the strength of your marriage. Statistics of a recent survey demonstrate the profound affect it can have on a marriage:

  • 80% of pastors and 84% of their spouses are discouraged and dealing with depression

  • More than 40% of pastors and 47% of their spouses report they are suffering from burnout, frantic schedules and unrealistic expectations

  • 77% of pastors said they felt they did not have a good marriage

  • 30% said they had either been in an ongoing affair or a one-time sexual encounter with a parishioner

  • 81% of pastors report insufficient time with their spouse

  • 64% report communication difficulty with their spouse

  • 46% report sexual problems

  • 80% of ministers believed pastoral ministry affected their families negatively

  • 33% believed ministry was a hazard to their family

  • 37% confessed to having been involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with someone in the church

This week on Hearts Igniting Radio we interview our dear friends and directors of True Hope Ukraine, Max and Amanda Fetisov. They have a powerful ministry to orphans of all ages in Ukraine. Listen to how they minister selflessly to orphans, addicts, prostitutes, and the hopeless through meeting practical and spiritual needs and how they protect their young marriage from the pressures of full-time ministry. The motto of their ministry is "Love the one in front of you" and very often that person is your spouse.