Book Review: Loving Him Well

We have so many women contact us looking for resources in knowing how to improve their marriage even if their husband isn't fully on board with marriage conferences and workbooks. While it may not always feel like it, God desires for you to have a relationally healthy, emotionally engaged, and spiritually mature husband with whom you can share your days. We have been on the hunt for ways to help women get the best for their marriages and have found this great resource!

In Loving Him Well: Practical Advice on Influencing Your Husband, Gary Thomas builds on concepts from his bestselling book Sacred Marriage to reveal the inner workings of a man’s heart and mind. He delves into Scriptures that help women gain biblical insight to influence their husbands. Exploring the research of neuroscientists, trained counselors, and abuse victim advocates, Gary also interviews dozens of wives to find what has worked and what hasn’t as they’ve sought to build the best marriage possible. In this newly updated version of Sacred Influence, Gary Thomas outlines practical applications you can begin using today including:

  • Nurture instead of condemn

  • Give your husband the benefit of the doubt

  • Respect the position even when you disagree with the person

  • Give him the same grace that God gives you

  • Form your heart through prayer

  • Drop unrealistic expectations

Thomas desires to “encourage women who are in good marriages that could get even better; and offer hope and a new path forward to women who feel invisible or marginalized in their marriage.” You’ll discover the influence you can gain and the peace of mind you can build when you go first to God for your worth, validation, protection, and provision and then learn how to use that platform to help your husband draw closer to you and closer to God.

After decades of marriage ministry, ministering to couples of various walks of life in one of the largest cities in America, and gaining a new sensitivity for many of the issues facing contemporary women, Gary has rewritten this book, adding new stories and fresh illustrations to help wives understand, love, and influence their husbands. Loving Him Well offers encouragement and biblically based support for the transformation of your marriage, drawing you and your husband closer together, the way God intended.