Speaking Life Into My Marriage

In this week’s show (Speaking Life Into Your Marriage - Part 1), we began a series about speaking life into our marriage. This could have endless implications and perhaps, over time, we will touch many of them but this week it’s about how my spirit speaks to my wife’s.

In our broadcast today I had a chance to share a recent event in our marriage that showed me clearly that right or wrong, the way I speak and the words I use can either be life-giving or death. It’s black and white with no middle ground. Have you ever been in an argument and, through multiple, perfectly timed oratories, won every single point but ultimately somehow lost the war? I Have. Many times and I have a question: Why are you in a war with your spouse?


...when edifying words exit through the same orifice as negative ones it dirties how the kind ones are heard.


How about your tone or attitude. Are you basically respectful to your family but consistently negative about the world around you? Do the words…”What an idiot” or “How do these wackos get elected” come flowing out of your mouth as commonly as “You look beautiful tonight” or “I love you”. Did you know that when edifying words exit through the same orifice as negative ones that it dirties how the kind ones are heard? That’s what I learned and we shared it on this week’s show. Next week on AM 980 the Mission we will continue our series with Speak Life In Your Marriage Part 2, on the July 7th, 11a.m. broadcast. We will be addressing how I decided to change the way I speak and get a report card from Renae on my efforts, (Gratefully, she’s an easy grader...) tune in to find out how I'm doing!