Can You Take A Compliment?

In the past weeks, we've been working on being more intentional towards speaking words of life to each other. This includes trying to lace our daily dialogue with more appreciation and affirmation. In the process we've uncovered a new problem: we can't take a compliment.

Sometimes this can be a struggle because that kind of positivity in a new phenomenon in the marriage and there are still wounds and bitterness from hurtful or insensitive words in the past. A self-protective heart can look on kind words from a spouse with disbelief or distrust.

Sometimes it's hard because we are programmed for the kind of false humility that doesn't allow us to see the gold in our own selves or acknowledge what is good about us.

In today's show, we talk about learning to take a compliment and how to persevere in positivity even if your spouse isn't receptive at first. Click here to listen:

Receiving Words of Life From Your Spouse