The Spirit of Offense: You Can Take it or Leave it.

This week on our Hearts Igniting Radio show we talked about the spirit of offense as something that you did NOT have to come into agreement with in our marriage. (Listen to the podcast HERE) We discussed how the spirit of offense builds "a fence" between us and that it loves to partner with pride, control,and feelings of entitlement and unfairness. We also learned there are certain atmospheres that seem to be perfect for that spirit to thrive:

  • Being under intense pressure.

  • Participating in the blame game instead of looking to you first.

  • Picking up other’s offenses.

  • Pride.

Toward the end of our show we offered, once again, a tool that helps you break agreement with that spirit. It’s called "1, 2, and 3 Skidoo" or simply put, nailing things to the cross and it goes like this:

  1. "I nail offense (or the thought/lie that is leading you into offense) to the cross"

  2. "I break all agreement with offense (or that thought), known or unknown."

  3. "I ask you God to take offense away from me"

  4. "Father, what do you want to give me instead offense (or that thought or lie)?"

God will tell you if you stop to listen and you will find that the spirit of offense is something you can LEAVE.