How Healthy is Your Marriage?

Hearts Igniting was LIVE at the Minnesota State Fair today to talk about getting an annual marriage "physical". We had a blast asking couples to consider the health of their marriage and giving hope for healing and insight into their "symptoms". Check out the podcast: It's Time For Your Annual Marriage Physical and have your relationship check-up with these questions the marriage doctor might ask:

1. When was the last time you've had a check-up? Have you attended a marriage retreat, seminar, or workshop lately? For your healthiest marriage, plan to attend a marriage event at least once a year.

2. Do you feel safe at home? Have you created a relationship where both you and your spouse feel safe expressing thoughts, feelings, and needs? Healthy couples create a safe place to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically naked with one another without shame.

3. Are you moody or irritable? Are small annoyances and little issues creating irritation and separation between you and your spouse? If not dealt with, even the small things can build up to a relationship health crisis.

4. How is your pulse? Does your marriage have a pulse - that is, is there any passion between you? If you've lost that spark, and your marriage has a weak pulse, there are things that you can do to reclaim that "pitter-patter" of passion again.

5. Do you have a fitness routine? Do you have things that you do as a couple daily, weekly, monthly to continue to strengthen your relationship? Being intentional about your relationship fitness will ensure that you have the strength you need when heavy lifting and endurance is required for life's circumstances.

6. How often are you sexually active? No, really, how often are you sexually active? While sexually intimacy isn't the only mark of a good marriage, a lack of physical intimacy can be a symptom of something deeper in your relationship.

7. How do you handle stress? As a couple how to you deal with disagreements and conflict? Walking away and internalizing these things can be hard on the heart of your marriage. Protect your heart by having a plan for how to deal with conflict together.

8. Do you have aches and pains that you are concerned about? Are there things that continue to cause pain between you and your spouse? Just like physical pain, relational pain can be a symptom of an unhealed injury or that you're carrying a load that's too heavy. Learn how to find the source of relational pain and treat it at the source.

9. Do you have any pre-existing conditions? Are there things that you brought into the marriage with you that are affecting the health of your relationship? We all have spiritual an emotional baggage that comes with us when we get married - breaking free of those hurts, patterns, and lies will give us freedom to create a healthier more fulfilling marriage together.

10. Are there toxins and allergens in your environment? Are their outside influences around you that are making your marriage sick? Relationships can be deeply affected by things that come against us from the outside: circumstances and situations, spiritual dynamics, toxic thinking. Fear is a toxin that makes love impossible and your marriage is allergic to things like hopelessness, unforgiveness, and negativity. Learning how to deal with environmental toxins and allergens will keep your marriage healthy.

Attending a Love After Marriage Workshop is a great way to get healthy and stay healthy as a couple. The powerful anointing, insights, and tools help you get the to root of the preexisting conditions and unhealthy habits that effect the strength of our marriage. For more information about hosting or attending a Love After Marriage Workshop go to or contact us at